Maldon Essex

Carters traveling Steam Fair when they visited Maldon for a week at Promenade Park May 2014. It was a delight when they each year they have returned to delight the citizens of Maldon so I could never resist taking my camera along. In 2020 they have not returned due to Corvid-19 I hope they will return again.

Carters Steam Fair 01

Steam Gallopers one of the many vintage rides operated by Carters every piece of equipment is a sheer delight to look at.

Gallopers steam engine

The beautiful steam engine that drives the ride.


The beautifully decorated Children's roundabout many of the vehicles are children's peddle cars from the nineteen fifties.

Hand operated roundabout

Fine examples of Showman's art on this hand operated roundabout.

Steam Flyboats

Steam Yachts built by Savages of Kings Lynn in 1921 this is the only traveling example of this type of ride, only one other exists.

Staem Yachts

Smoke steam and excitement

Steam Yachts at night

The Steam Yachts in the evening May 2105

Chairplane ride

Chairplane ride evening May 2015

Motorcycle ride

Two other gorgeous looking rides with beautiful hand painted fairground art.

Carters Steam Fair ride

Carters Ride

Showman's Tractors

Crters tractor

Showman's tractors restored and painted to perfection, these are used to haul the rides to the next site and have generators on the back to power the lights and rides driven by electric power. Scammell, Atkinson, ERF, and Fodens were once the most popular heavy haulage vehicles on British roads and exported all over the world.


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June 03 2015 Revised May 24 2020