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Definitely not a "Super Model" but me (Alan) in my Meccano hobby room at our house in Maldon taken March 2011.

In the picture I am working on a new version of my Beam Engine model using mainly parts I have refurbished, this is to enable missing parts from my 1950's red and green ten set to be returned to their cabinet for future use. The cabinets on the right are two number 10 sets stacked on a pre war dealers spare parts cabinet.

The picture below was taken in December 2005 at the time I was working on the SML 28 Pontoon  Crane. I had a lot less parts than in the more recent picture.

Hobby Room December 2005

Picture below shows the storage side of the room and was taken in August 2007

Hobby room shelves

room02.jpg Alan

The Meccano bench taken in November 2001 at our old house in Great Waltham, Essex. Completed models are the Hammer head crane and original Beam Engine and horseless carriage under construction.

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