This attractive model of a steam fishing trawler is another in my series of nineteen thirties blue and gold models.The model instructions were first published in the 1937 number 5 and 4a manuals. It briefly appeared after the war when the 1947 blue and gold manuals were reprinted. In 1949 the manuals were revised showing the plain red plates but the Trawler had been deleted although most of the other models remained. I often wonder how choices on what to drop were made when a new model was introduced some went on for decades, alas not his one! I built the model as I usually do following the manual instructions but in some areas I used additional or different parts also to make the model less flimsy it certainly needed those extra parts plus more nuts and bolts.
Page published March 27 2021 Revised June 29 2021
The original 4a instruction manual, 4a set box,and Trawler instruction page from 1939.