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The original 1930 instructions for  the crane
Page created June 07 2022 revised 15/06/2022
The Automatic weighing crane first made its appearance in the 1924 Manual and could be built with No.6 Outfit, this was during the nickel plated era. I have built the model using the instructions in a 1930 4-7 manual where the model was assigned No. 6.32 indicating it was a No.6 model.  My crane is constructed from contemporary dark red and green parts from a built up 1930 No.7 Outfit. The illustration was unchanged from the earlier manual although some of the parts were obsolete by 1930, the pawl p/n 33 had been changed to have just one pawl instead of two and the open ended base plates p/n 52 were replaced with four sided flanged plates. The model continued on into 1934 and the blue and gold era in the K manual,  during 1935 the model was retouched to show the updated parts.  When the set numbers, contents and manuals were completely revised in 1937 the model disappeared from the manuals. Its a very simple but none the less an interesting and attractive looking crane, its main feature is being able to automatically weigh the load as it is hoisted.This achieved by a tension spring attached to a length of sprocket running over a sprocket connected to the dial through gears then fixed to the pulley block. All the operations travel, slewing and hoisting are hand operated. I can imagine it was at the time and still is a fun model to build and operate. It was nice to find a use for the pointer p/n156 and double pawl 33 the pawl later became part 147. The weighing scale or protractor show on the instructions is in fact p/n 135 a cardboard Theodolite/protractor but not mentioned in the model parts list. This part was available from 1921 until 1941. I do own one of these very rare parts but made my own rather than using the original.My copy was inside the SML 6 Derrick crane instructions.
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