The original 1930 instructions for the Aeroplane
This model of a Twin Engine Biplane was inspired by a model shown in the 00-4 instruction manual that could be built with Meccano Outfit No.2 and was included in manuals between 1928 and 1934.  The origins of the design looked like an airliner from the early 1920's similar to a series of Handley Page twin engine biplanes, developed from a Great War bombers. I based my design on this type of aircraft with their huge wingspan, triple tail fins and wide spaced twin wheeled undercarriage. See picture on the left taken from a childhood book of mine “The Wonder Book of Aircraft” published in the 1950’s. The model is built using parts from my circa 1930 No.7 outfit (some never used before) plus a few Aeroplane Constructor parts, 4 small props p/n P.35,  4 pulleys with tyres p/n 53 and 54. Trivia I imagined this being built by a Meccano enthusiast in the early 1930's my builder had a large red and green outfit and had purchased some of the newly introduced Aero Constructor parts. The first red and green period over lapped  Aero Constructor 1931-1934. This was a period before flexible plates were introduced sets contained a lot of braced girders that fulfilled the role of plates. In 1934 that all changed! To see other models I have built with this historic 1930 red and Green No.7 Outfit click on the logo below.
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