Army Lorry 01
Here is another model in my series of pre-second world war blue and gold manual models made with near mint blue plates and refurbished gold parts. This model (7.24) of an Army Lorry first made its appearance in the 1937 number 7/8 and 6a manuals. An illustration from the 7/8 instruction manual is shown above. The model was also published in the post war manuals from 1945 surviving until 1951 quite surprising in many ways because even in 1937 it had a rather dated appearance. The vehicle has the look of the nineteen twenties or even the Great War period I have searched through my reference books and the web and found an image of something similar. See picture at the foot of the page showing a Leyland 4 ton truck that was taken during the London Underground strike of 1919 in service as a bus replacement. During the construction I made a few minor changes, I made it look neater without effecting the overall look of the model. The steering wheel was not a part included in the number 7 outfit nor were five 25 x 5 hole strip plates used on the rear body.  To be strictly authentic the wheels should be red and cream for that period but let us assume the owner had an earlier set with red and gold wheels then added 6a outfit that included the red bracket, 1" pulleys and plates with curved corners. The lorry has no functions apart from Ackerman steering which needed a small modification to make it operate. II think the model has a nice nostalgic appearance. Cover of 1938 No.7/8 instruction manual shown below.
Army lorry cab close up Army lorry front view
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