This model is based on the 1937-1953 Number 6 model of a Mechanical Horse and trailer I built the model some time ago as per the instructions in early 1950's red and green colours. In September 2017 when ill I was looking for a simple quick build using my collection of blue cross hatched and gold parts. I did some research and have tried to make the mechanical horse closer to the prototype than the Meccano instructions and with a van trailer instead of the open wagon. The diminutive Karrier Cob tractor units or "mechanical horses" were introduced in 1930, designed to replace horses and to be able to haul horse drawn wagons and manoeuvre in tight spaces. The rear chassis carried tiny wheels with solid tyres and were able to slide under the front axel of a horse drawn wagon and lift the wheels clear of the ground. The tiny solid rubber tyres on the original must have made for an uncomfortable ride along the cobbled city streets and yards of the time. Later versions had bigger wheels with pneumatic tyres when the horse wagons were replaced and conventional trailers used. The wheels on my version of the tractor are far too large but I wished to retain the charm and character of the original instructions The Cob was powered by a twin cylinder petrol engine and could pull three tonnes at no doubt a very low top speed. The Meccano model was almost certainly based on the popular Dinky Toys mechanical horse and trailer my model is inspired by the Dinky version with a covered wagon trailer. The Karrier Cob depicted in the Meccano model of 1937 and earlier Dinky Toys version ceased production in 1934. The page about my earlier version can be found here.
Page created September 26 2017 revised July 11 2021
The original Outfit 6 outfit illustration from 1937