This model is from the 1937 Number 5 manual of instructions. Its a very simple model of a tank and is built from 1930’s blue and gold parts. The model is much as the original instructions although I have constructed it using more parts that in the original set. The tank bears some resemblance to the British MkII tank of that period although side gun sponsons are more like a WWI tank. No doubt there to provide greater play value as was the rear facing turret gun I left off. There was also a similar Dinky Toys tank made at that time, shown in the heavily re-touched picture from the Meccano Magazine. The model has few functions except the revolving turret and rolls along on 1” pulleys fitted with rubber rings hidden by the track covers and it looks cute for a tank! The instructions from the 1937 instruction manual are show above. The model continued in the post war manuals until 1953.
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Meccano 1937 Military Tank instructions Meccano 1937 Military Tank top view