This model 6.6 Furniture van is from the 1937 Number 6 instruction manual. This is another attractive nostalgic model in blue and gold. The instructions do not go into much detail which would be fine had the picture showing the construction of the front underside was so misleading. This was easily remedied by constructing that part of the model in a different way using other parts in the set. The use of so many flexible and flat plates shows the huge difference in the colour of these parts. This is even noticeable when unused sets turn up from time to time. The model is nicely proportioned and a good representation of a furniture van from the nineteen thirties, these were often built on Bedford or Ford chassis. When my family moved house in 1956 just such a van was used, a pre-war Bedford although the van did have rear doors. Many vans in the nineteen thirties just had canvas hangings and a tail board. Page created October 06 2015 Revised October 08 1015