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mec2l.jpg Lifting Bridge

I built this model several years ago from the 1954 10 set leaflet No.8 using the parts from my then newly purchased near perfect No.10 set from the long closed MW Models in Henley-on-Thames.

I made only one major change from the original instructions and that was to modify the lifting mechanism to use a pair of p/n 27b 133 teeth gear wheels in place of the chain drive, the Ten Set included only one of these parts.

The model is driven by a 1950's Meccano E20R electric motor as specified in the original plans. The end result is a fairly realistic model of a lifting bridge that works well and in my opinion is one of the better designs in the Binns Road series of No.10 leaflets from the mid 1950's, most of which were very poor examples of what could be built with many parts in the set. In recent years several builders have show the capability of what can be done with this ultimate Meccano set.

The september 1950 Meccano magazine showed a very similar but much simpler and smaller version of a lifting bridge built using a number 6 set plus the then new Gears set "A". I do wonder if it was this earlier model that inspired the larger No.10 bridge.

Revised May 05 2015

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