This is a model of the classic nineteen fifties/sixties Italian Lambretta Motor Scooter. The model is based on instructions published in the December 1957 French edition of the Meccano Magazine. I used the instructions and and pictures as a guide but made a lot of changes in the construction and look of the model. The original had open sides where the engine would be, to me the curved covered sides are what give the Lambretta its distinctive styling. The illustrations below are from the Meccano Magazine.The construction involved some careful work with my plate roller, the flat girders were a tough call note they are second quality! Lots of drift work was required during the assembly to align the parts! The model has no functions other than turning wheels, folding back stand and steering. Editions of the Meccano Magazine were published in France between 1916 and 1937 the main content at that time being much the same as the UK editions translated into French. From October 1953 and until December 1959 a completely all French edition of the Meccano Magazine was  produced with a lot of interesting Mecano models that were not published in the UK, this Lambretta being one.  A few of the models were cross overs from those published in the UK but re-made in France with changes to suit the different coloured parts and range of motors. I am sure I will go on to build other French MM models. French Meccano Magazines can be viewed and down-loaded at Rémi’s Meccano.
Original 1957 Meccano Magazine illustrations
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