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TrivanReliant.jpgThis model is from the 1954 3A instruction manual, the Motor Tricycle Delivery Van. Most of the parts were from a light red and green No. 4 Electrikit set given to me by a kind neighbour. I have made several modifications to the front end using parts not included in the Number 4 set of that time. The main modifications being the steering and fitting a front mudguard. The original model was steered using cord. This prevented the model running in circles as it had a tendency to want to go in a straight line. I have used a worm and 19 tooth pinion directly mounted on the top of the front forks. Its great fun to watch it whirring along driven by a Meccano No. 1 clockwork motor and is a pleasing little model.

The model is based on a Tricycle van, a type of vehicle built in Britain primarily during the 1930's. These small light vans had the front end of a motor bike,  the engine was alongside the driver with chain drive to the rear wheels. Manufacturers included  B.S.A.,  Raleigh and Reliant amongst others. The Reliant shown above, had a more powerful engine based on that used in the Austin 7. They had a big tax advantage for the small trader as they were classified as a motor cycle and could be driven by a person holding a motor cycle licence.

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The original 1954 3a manual instructions are shown below . This was a modified model from an earlier version in the post -war No. 4 manual and was revised to use the then new triangular plates included in the set.

 Tricycle van 01 manual

Revised March 10 2016

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