This simple but attractive "Delivery Van" is taken from the 1929 4-7 Instruction Manual. The model required the builder to have an Outfit No.5, a large set for such a small model but the reason was it was the smallest set to include four p/n 19a spoked wheels. The manual had a large range of models using the spoked wheels that I might come back to. The manual shows the van fitted with a clockwork motor but try as I may it would just not fit together as the illustration so I gave up! I constructed the model for a Christmas display hence the trees tied to the top. The parts used all date from around 1930 including the Christmas trees. This type of tricycle delivery van would have been a common site on the roads at the time of the publication of the instructions. These were usually peddle or petrol driven today with ever increasing fuel costs peddle delivery vans are making a strong come back in towns and cities in the U.K. Page created September 06 2022