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The instructions for  this attractive simple and realistic little model were published in Canadian Meccanotes Issue # 2 June 1996 . I believe the model was originally designed and built by Don Redmond,  then editor of "Meccanotes" . It depicts a typical "Horseless Carriage" from the 1890's.

 It is driven by a clockwork "Magic Motor" the model makes a decent and fairly speedy run before the spring winds down. I found the instructions were not always easy to follow, which lead to a bit of  making it up as I went along. This resulted in the model being one hole shorter than the original. I only discovered this when I compared my model with that of another builder.  I also found it difficult to fit the motor in horizontally as instructed so I fitted it vertically this aided the drive to the rear wheels but necessitated making an extended key to fit through the side. The motor on/off is controlled by a linkage through the driver's seat ending with a boss this was an another advantage in mounting the motor vertically. To wind the model I bolted a slotted coupling to the motor winder, the key is a narrow strip fitted with a flat trunnion.

The only unusual parts used were a pair of spoked wheels p/n 19a. The steering tiller requires a crank rod to be cut down but it is a part most Meccano builders have more than enough of ! I fitted rubber bands to the rear wheels to serve as tyres to give better grip and protect the paint finish. 2 inch rubber "O" rings for plastic waste pipes are used for the front tyres, kindly supplied by a CMAMAS member in Toronto, Canada. The "0" rings can be bought in most plumbing suppliers in the UK, take along you 2" pulley and see which is the best fit. The model using a combination of dark blue, nickel and zinc parts.

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