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Number9clock04.jpg The instructions for this attractive mantel piece clock were published in the pre- war and post war 1948-1953 number 9 manuals using the No.2 clockwork motor. The clock evokes very much the 1930s Art Deco style and that was the big appeal fro me want to construct it.

The original instructions were published during the period of the blue and gold colour scheme and it must have made a stunning model in those colours. However I think the zinc, red, blue and black colour scheme I have used give the clock the right feel. This was my first attempt at Meccano clock building so a simple mechanism was good starting point. My clock is driven by a pre-war Meccano No.1 clockwork motor through a series of chain sprockets and gears.  It was a real pleasure the first time I set it going to hear the lovely tick tock as the pendulum swung.  After carefull adjustment the clock ran well and kept reasonable time, although I never had it running for more than an hour with the number 1 clockwork motor.

I was told by another builder of the clock, that with the spring and bearings properly oiled and adjusted it could run for up to 6 hours with the correct No 2 motor.

Since originally building the model I obtained a 1930s Number 2 motor. Although the clock runs in a much more positive manner i.e. a nice steady tick I still find it does not run for as long as I had hoped certainly longer than with the original motor though. I manged to get it to run all day but with several windings.

The same mechanism was also used in the later 1955 Number 9 clock model but using the No.1 clockwork motor. The more powerful No.2 motor was discontinued shortly after the Second World War. The 1955  model however does not have the charm or style of this "Deco style" clock.

August 4 2006

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