Meccano Veteran car front right

This Meccano Vintage car is in the style of a four seater car from around 1914 and is a development from a model originally first shown in the 1923 instruction manual. Even then the model must have looked a bit like a veteran. Although I am sure the boys who built it would have been delighted to wind it up and see it run across the floor. That original inspiration for my model is shown on the left. This was made from from nickel plates and strips and used the Number 1. Meccano clockwork motor.

This model was published long before the introduction of flexible metal plates, hence its rather open appearance. It was often suggested in the Meccano magazine that boys could fill the open areas in using board or plates cut form sheet metal.

My own model is built using the same proportions and size, and is inspired by this and similar models from other builders. The parts I have used are modern zinc, polished and stripped bare metal parts, 1970s black plastic flexible plates and modern French red metal parts for the seats. The artillery wheels are of uncertain age and have been repainted in black. I have used the same type of motor as shown in the original. My model has a simple steering based on the mechanism used on the Meccano Motor car constructor sets of the nineteen thirties. It is effective but very positive, just half a turn on the steering wheel from lock to lock.

When wound up and the brake released a little nudge is needed to get it rolling along then it proceeds at slow and dignified pace but only on a smooth surface. I was surprised that it moved at all as the model is of a considerable weight with the clockwork motor and all the additional parts used and with very simple reduction gearing.

Since originally building the model I have modified it by fitting 2" pulleys with tyres and some smart dark blue hubs. I have also fitted a spare wheel at the rear, this has been offset to allow the operation of the motor brake lever.



September 11 2009 Revised May 10 2012

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