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December 1942 MMThis model is a Pit Head Gear is from the 1937 number 5 instruction manual. These structures would have been familiar to Meccano boys as they were often depicted in the Meccano magazine and a model featured in almost every set's instruction book. Every colliery would have had these steam driven machines used for getting the miners underground, returning them to the surface and lifting out the coal. The illustration of a Welsh miner and Pit Head gear is from the cover of the 1942 Meccano magazine.

Its an attractive model when completed and works well. The original instructions showed a tightly rolled 5 x 5 hole flexible plate for the smoke stack, having the parts in the number 7 set I used instead the two sleeve pieces in the set this was the only change I made from the original instructions.

This is the first in a series of blue and gold models I have been building.

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