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Railway breakdown crane 

Blue Gold railway Breakdown crane

Propaganda Meccano poster

The model above a "Meccano classic" the Railway Breakdown Crane from the 1937 Number 5 instruction manual. This is another attractive model in blue and gold but with several faults. I found there were insufficient nuts bolts and brackets to hold the model rigidly together when following the brief instructions and  illustrations. The model is perhaps rather ambitious for the contents of the set this manifests itself in several ways, there is no counter weight or out-riggers to stop the crane toppling over when rotated to the side, nor any braking shown or explained to hold the hoist or jib luffing.

Brake mechanismThe braking is easily remedied by a few extra parts not included in the set to make a simple mechanism using a compression spring, long bolt and two collars, a method shown at the back of the 1951 No.4a instruction manual.

This model was beautifully illustrated in a British W.W.II poster for National Savings Bonds and Defence Bonds the latter is shown on the left.

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