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Number 3 manual 1937 D.Ox Flying boatThis model built from blue and gold parts is from the 1937 number 3 manual of instructions is somewhat optimistically based on the Dornier Do.X Flying boat built in 1929. This however was a giant twelve engine machine and as you can see the Meccano model has just two engines. However its not a bad representation of the DoX (shown below) in terms of its shape and proportions considering the small size of the outfit.

Do.X flying boat

I built the model much as the instructions but used extra some parts not in the 1937 number 3 outfit. Some areas of the construction are not explained or shown in the picture, such centering the tail plane assembly and where are the angle brackets fixing the engine nacelles? Not sure why there is a gap on the wing between the flexible plate and curved strip.

Page created January 17 2015

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