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Windmill under constructionThis model built from 1934 -1941 blue and gold parts and is based on a windmill published in the 1937 number 6 manual of instructions. The model its self has a long history going back through the years, the first Blue and gold version appeared in the 1935 "E" manual I thought the windmill would make a good display model and show off the attractions of the blue and gold colour scheme I started off by building the tower (shown on the left) similar to the instructions but with additional plates however when it came to the sails a problem presented itself not obvious from the illustrations. The top is five holes deep, the base is eleven for the sails to clear the base these need to be spaced on the supporting rod a very long way from the top giving a rather strange look from the side! I resolved this by making a top of a different design using 7x5 hole flanged plates.

I did not like the sails either, not being a fan of lots of string on Meccano models so I re-designed these too using some near mint 25 hole strip plates, straying way beyond the contents of the 1937 number 6 set.

The instructions for the motorized version used the pre-war 6 volt motor although I have one of these it is very noisy in operation and very old so I substituted a 1970's PDU set to 1/32 reduction.

Below left is an illustration from the 1937 number 6 manual showing Dinky Toy figures, a truck and sack barrow in the post war version of the manual those were not shown. The picture on the right shows the rear of the windmill.

1937 manualMeccano windmill back viewSeptember 04 2015 Revised September 07 2015

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