This is a bit of a departure from the models I normally like to build, trucks, cranes, diggers steam engines etc. I was looking for a new quick build to add to my collection of blue and gold models. A friend said what about something different like the "Scales" in the 1937 7/8 instruction manual. I must say it did have an appeal a real period looking piece and a good representation of type of scales used in shops of the 1930's.  I have never seen this model built so that was another challenge however it soon became apparent why it was not a very popular. The model is both scales and a balance weighing machine. According to the manual instructions  an item is placed on the left hand tray the weight is then shown on the dial having been calibrated previously using know weights.  However what is the purpose of it also being a balance as the balance arm is sprung loaded so it does not give a true balance when weight is put one one side and the items the other. I may be missing something here I would feel it can only be one thing or the other. This conflict is not mentioned in the instructions. The end result is something that looks attractive and practical but is not in reality. I guess for the builder it worked fine you put an object on the tray and the pointer moves, I think I was expecting too much of this simple Meccano model. I made only constructional changes in building the model by using parts outside those included in the 1937 number 7 outfit. The gold narrow strips are a creation of a part that was never made. The Scales were also included in the 1947-1953 7/8 editions of the manual. The 1937 version is shown below I have also built the SML No7 Platform Scales this is far superior very sensitive and worked really well.
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