"Unequal-cord Sesquiplane" or bi-plane with one and a half wings, built with parts in original condition This was similar to the Armstrong Whitworth Atlas that entered RAF service in 1927.
Biplane fighter tail view
This is an album of Meccano Aero Constructor models I have built from my collection of sets and parts. The aircraft shown are based on those in the 1932-1941 Instruction manuals. Click on the images to zoom and enlarge
Biplane fighter my first Aero Constructor model ,nose view
Restored Racing Sea Plane with radial engine using French Aeroplane Constructor tapered wings
Play worn Racing Seaplane
1930's radial engine single seat biplane fighter.
"Light Single Seat Parasol wing Monoplane" built using restored parts including French corrugated tapered wings, these attractive parts were never sold in the UK.
Triple engine airliner based on a model in the No.2 Outfit manual. I added some extra parts to make a triple finned tail plane that was more appropriate for a large aircraft of that time. The set is as I purchased it, in good but play worn condition but I have purchased a new set of white tyres.
Triple Engine Cabin Monoplane (airliner) . Most of the parts have been restored except the wings. The engine nacelles are from the short lived original 1931 sets  intended for fitting to flat wings. 
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Seaplane with unequal-cord or bi-plane with one and a half wings, built with mainly restored parts.
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