This new model was introduced as a kit by Meccano in 2015 and was given to me as a Christmas gift. It has 1213 parts including the nuts and bolts, most of the parts are 1/4” spaced narrow strips. The model is 62 cm tall and has LED lights but they are not very good. They look nothing like the illustration on the box see above, they only work well in an almost dark room! The parts in the set can also be used to build a model of the 'Brooklyn Bridge’ although you need to download the instructions. On the other hand it looks a pretty poor representation of the real thing compared to the Eiffel Tower which is very attractive and very much in the tradition of Meccano. There have been many versions of the iconic Eiffel tower going back to the earliest days of the Meccano system, the illustration below is from the 1923 Meccano instruction manual. Even as an experienced Meccano builder I found model was pretty fiddly to put together. One additional tool that I found indispensable was a drift to align the often multi layered parts. This useful was tool discontinued in 1978 and was contained in standard sets between 1947 - 1964. In typical time honoured Meccano tradition there could have been more nuts and bolts in this kit.
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