This is a display of Meccano  I exhibited at the Museum of Power, Langford, near Maldon, Essex, May14 2017. This display was for their Olde Tyme Vintage Rally so I concentrated on things vintage. Although I showed nothing new I did exhibit several models that had not been out for a while. Working models were Watt’s beam Engine, Railway Breakdown Crane, single cylinder steam Engine, Small windmill and hand operated girder crane built with the parts from a 1911 Number 4 set. I am not big a collector of old Meccano sets but I have a few that are just for display but I have a few including a 1911 No. 4, 1956 “00” and 1962 number 1 these were very popular with visitors. I really enjoy exhibiting at shows like this as I get to talk to so many interesting people, from Grandparents to children. Many older people have fond memories of the Meccano they had as children. One of the saddest things is the amount of older women who longed to have a Meccano set but their fathers only thought it was a toy only suitable for boys.
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