Gallery of Meccano Models


Gallery of meccano models

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The Blue and Gold Meccano 1934 - 1941

Meccano Trucks Lorries and other commercial vehicles

Meccano Cars and Motor cycles

Meccano Cranes and diggers

Meccano Steam Machines

Other Meccano models includes: Clocks, Ball rollers, Fairground rides, aircraft, mechanisms, ships.

Exhibition displays

My own Meccano Special Edition Set Models

Meccano Aero Constructor

Museum of Power Disapl May 2017

My Vintage display at the Museum of Power Maldon May 2017


This gallery has over eighty Meccano models that I have built over the past few years plus models from other builders who have built their own versions of these models . My choice of models is rather eclectic as is the choice of Meccano colours I use. My own philosophy is to use only parts in the Meccano system of any period from 1900's to the present day although I must admit to occasionally alter parts and use some parts from other compatible systems.

Railway Break down crane header

NEW FEATURE pages uploaded since September 03 2016 have a zoom feature to enlarge the pictures. Just click over the image and you will see it enlarged.

Click the captions or images on the left to take you to an index page of the model categories or click on the links below.

Latest updates shown below:

Vintage Display at the Museum of Power Maldon May 19 2017

Railway Breakdown crane April 26 2017  

1937 Army Lorry  February 15 2017

1930 Fly Boats January 13 2017

1937 Breakdown Lorry Nov 04 2016

Giant Block Setting Crane Oct. 26 2016

Traveling Jib Crane Oct. 16 2106

Motor Breakdown Crane Sept. 04 2016

Corliss intro

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