Meccano Big Wheel
SML 33


The model is based on the 1930 Meccano Super Model No.33 Single and Double Fly boats.

Not quite in same league as "The Millennium Eye" in London but a fun model to build and operate. The drive on my version is by Meccano cord running around the circumference of the wheel and used as a crossed belt driven by a Temsi 300 motor,  very similar to the Meccano/Märklin power drive motor. I built it as an excuse to use my newly purchased girder frames p/n 113 a lovely part with not too many uses!

I made small cabins instead of the "Fly boats"  used on the original model these did not somehow look right with the massive structure of the supporting frame. Someday I will get around to building the double one published in the same SML leaflet with two contra rotating wheels. A similarly proportioned but smaller model that I have also built appeared in the Meccano Magazine Model of the Month in December 1957 this model has in addition a rotating base.

Original leaflet

The original model was sprocket chain driven, was not very practical, see original illustration above from SML No.33. The use of a cord gave a very smooth and steady drive.

New picture scan and text January 30 2008 revised February 26 2015

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