This is another in my series of models built using 1934- 1941 blue and gold colour scheme. The model is a Streamlined Tanker Lorry and was from the 1937 7/8 instruction manual. This model was quite fiddly to build and involved a lot of plate bending, I kept this to smooth straight rolling so that I would be able to roll them back when the model is taken apart. I made several constructional changes using extra parts but without compromising the look of the tanker. One change was to add operating steering, the manual showed a track rod and a steering wheel but with no linkages, the number 7 outfit certainly had the parts to do this including the gears! The model is powered by a Number 1 clockwork motor I have used a post war version. Note the use of the attractive French punched road wheels that I think enhance the look of this model. Unlike most of the other models in the 1937 - 1941 7/8 manual and despite its modern appearance this tanker did not appear after the war when the manual was reprinted without the cross hatched plates. Perhaps in those post war days of shortages and austerity Meccano Ltd. thought boys might not want to bend all those plates, not so easy with out a plate roller.
Tanker rear view detail shown below
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The original No. 7/8  instructions dating from 1937.
Under construction on the bench
Underside showing clockwork motor and steering