This model is based on 9.1 Lorry and Trailer instructions were published in the 1947-1953 Number 9 Outfit manual in both the U.K. and France. The model appeared on page two so was the first model in the manual and must have looked very impressive when you opened the page. I have built the lorry and trailer using 1934-1941 blue and gold parts. This is a bit of a departure from my series of blue gold pre-war builds as this is post war model but in France the blue and gold parts parts were still being manufactured at this time. The lorry has steering, opening cab door, leaf springs and a two speed gear box operated from a gear lever in the cab. The instructions show what looks like the No. 2 clockwork motor (only very briefly available post war) but I substituted it for a non-Meccano 12 volt industrial electric motor fitted in the cab. I built the model with some changes more or less within the confines of the contemporary No.9 outfit including the rear axel which uses bevel gears 30a/30c, these were dropped from the later No.9 sets. In addition to the English manual I referred to the French edition which to my surprise showed several several differences in both the pictures and text. Some of the illustrations are the same but clearly the No.2 motor was not available in France so the instructions and pictures show the No.1 clockwork motor with modifications to accommodate the control levers on the different motor. The steering too is constructed using alternative parts. Interestingly the illustrations for the trailer show the top view with UK road wheels but the underside with the French type.  Most of the other models in the manual have the illustrations as the UK but those featuring a clockwork or electric motor also have the road wheels changed too. The big problem as with all the manuals at this time was the lack of a list of parts required to build the models. My driver's seat uses a mutilated part cut down from a larger plate, there never were 4 x 7 hole flexible plates. I have used the attractive French perforated road wheels on the trailer.The wheels on the lorry are 1973 pulleys and tyres to be true to the 1930's colours I should really have used red wheels but changing tyres is not very easy and the blue looks good I think. The model is of a typical 1930's-1940's forward control truck such as produced in the UK by manufacturers such as Foden, ERF, Leyland, Thornycroft and Albion. I made modifications to the cab, building it along the lines of a Thornycroft Trusty of the period. In the Post War period Meccano also showed a similar but smaller Heavy Goods Lorry in the number 5 manual. French manual courtesy of Rémi’s Meccano Pages. Page created September 23 2019 Revised June 30 2021
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The Completed Lorry and Trailer note use of the correct use of French Post-war Road Wheels