Looking for a simple build I came across this Tipping Motocart designed and originally built by the late Dr. Keith Cameron featured in the April 1979 Meccano Magazine. Dr. Keith Cameron in an earlier Meccano career designed the 4-2-2 loco I built recently. The Motocart was a new model for the dark blue & yellow No.4 set of 1978-79 and one of a very few non manual models published at the time. I followed the basic lines but made many changes that were outside the contents of the outfit. It was not my intention to build a scale model of the Opperman original. The Opperman Motocart was a British post Second World War farm/industrial utility vehicle, produced from 1949-1961. The driver stood on a platform behind the front single driving wheel, not so good for a longer journey I would imagine. The original Motocart could be supplied with a range of bodies both platform and tipping. An advertisement from Farmers Weekly, May 1950 is shown above. The main claim to "fame" for this vehicle was perhaps the long lived Dinky Toys model 1949-1961 on which this model is based, like the Dinky Toy version the body tips but has no mechanism to operate this. Page created July 04 2020 Revised 30/06/2021
The 1949 Dinky Toys Motocart the inspiration for the original the model
Meccano model of Opperman Motocart built with 1978 - 1979 dark blue and yellow parts