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This model is based on model 5.30 Vertical Marine Engine from the Meccano 1930 set 4-7 manual. It is is more of a demonstration model showing the operating principles of a contemporary marine engine and the Stephenson‘s valve gear. This is used to reverse the engine, this is operated by turning pulley marked 7 in the illustration below. This type of steam engine would have been used in small coastal ships and trawlers in the late nineteen century until the middle of the twentieth century when their role was taken over by the diesel engine

I built the model using many parts not available over 80 years ago but decided not to fill in cylinder casing with flexible plates as I wanted to retain the feel and demonstration purpose of the old model. I used narrow strips with plastic five hole spacers between to the connecting rod to give a nice solid feel to them. I also replaced many of the standard width strips with narrow strips. After careful alignment of the crank shaft components, the model will run very well. I find cranks part number 62 one of least satisfactory of Meccano parts if you fit a slightly inaccurately made one (lots seem to be) on the most perfect axle you can have problems!

Inside the boiler part 162 (used to represent the steam condenser) is a small Swiss Escap 12 volt motor mounted on the boiler end. This drives the crank shaft through a connecting chain drive.

An illustration from the original manual showing the engine is shown below as a comparison with my own version.

 Marine MM

In 2013 I built another but simpler version of this engine, published in the January 1946 Meccano Magazine. This can be viewed by clinking on the image below.

1946 marine engine

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