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1931 breakdownThis model is based on a combination of the Tipping Motor Wagon and the Motor Breakdown Crane both from the 1930 Outfit No.4 - 7 manual. . This model was built using the  parts available in the1930 No.4 set, this was before the introduction of flexible plates introduced in 1934. I liked features of both the models, and the aim was to build a typical model of that period. The model was for a Meccano display I was putting on at a vintage rally held at the Museum of Power at Langford, near Maldon Essex in April 2003. Although the model is simple it has leaf springs at the front, Ackerman steering and a working crane winch.

A women visitor in her late 60s clearly remembered building a similar model in the late 1930s. She  told me the set was still in her loft and it was her favourite toy as a child. I did not try to persuade to part with it but encouraged her to get it out to show her Grandchildren.

May 2003 revised May 15 2015

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