tractor top view

tractor side view

Tractor underside

The instructions for this attractive working model of a nineteen seventies style tractor were published in Meccano NEWSMAG No.72 July 1995 it is a modified version of a model originally designed  by Pierre Monsallut. The original model had chain to the real wheels drive this version published in 1995 had several radical modifications including the replacement of the chain drive with 3/4" bevel gears. Of special interest is the unusual drive from the differential to the rear wheels, the differential is too of interest.

I have also made several further modifications that may be of interest to anyone planning on building the model.  The main changes are slightly increasing the length of the wheel base, reducing the width of the back axial by using two hole double angle strips instead of three hole,  replacing the chain drive from the motor with a belt and pulley drive this was mainly to protect the delicate gears in the Meccano Power drive motor in the event of something jamming.  I made some other cosmetic changes.

The model operates very well.  I have mounted mine on a display stand so that the various functions of the model can be demonstrated. The engine cover is hinged so that it can be tilted forward. The tractor is built using yellow and zinc parts from the mid-nineteen seventies.

Original revision May 16 2015 Revised May 26 2021

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