Ping Pong Ball Roller

(a dust cover snake skin

This "Ping Pong" Ball Roller was designed by Chris Shute designer of Percy the Ping Pong Porter I built this model some time back. This new model uses the parts contained in the Meccano Ferris Wheel set released in 2005 box lid shown on the left. I believe the set is still available.

Although I have followed closely the original design I have introduced additional parts and used a different Meccano motor to that in the set I originally built it using this motor with a battery power pack but Its inevitable that the builder makes changes as they construct the model in this case particularly so as there are no published plans or instructions. The motor is 3-12 volts from the 1970s Meccano crane set. I choose it because I needed to control the speed of the motor to get all the actions to coordinated. The ball needs to be at the counter balanced gate ready for it to open as the collector arm rotates into position opposite that gate.

If like me you do not have the Ferris wheel set you will need fourteen 11 hole curved strips to build the model. Other builders have managed to get the model to operate with three ping pong balls but not me.

August 07 2007

(a dust cover snake skin

July 11 2007

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