Articulated Tank Lorry

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Tanker Lorry view 1

Tanker lorry view 2

Tanker lorry underside

Meccano magazine tanker lorry

The pictures and instructions for this model were published in the Meccano Magazine of September 1955. This model has fond childhood memories for me as this was in the first Meccano Magazine I ever bought when I was nine years old. Although at that time iI did not have the parts to build this model and I am sure not the ability either. When I did build it a few years later it was with a flat bed trailer.

The Outfit number 8. in 1955 provided all the parts to build this rather attractive model of an articulated tanker. The cab tractor unit is clearly based on the 1955 Bedford A Series with its very American appearance. The parent company of Bedford was GM of Detroit and many of their European vehicles were influenced by North American styling. The Meccano company must have had a liking for Bedford trucks as they often featured in their range of Dinky Toys. Their relationship did not end with Dinky Toys as the Meccano Company had their own Bedford A Series tractor unit as you can see in the accompanying picture. The picture was taken from a 1970s Bedford magazine I imagine the truck was brand new when this publicity picture was taken. This was probably the prototype for Dublo Dinky Toy, Bedford articulated truck introduced in June 1959.The colours for the actual Meccano truck were two tone yellow as the Bedford Pallet-Jekta Van issued as a Dinky Supertoys in January 1960. Can you imagine what Meccano treasures were packed in all those boxes being checked in the warehouse? The load was just covered with a tarpaulin. Meccano Ltd also used several Bedford CA vans also produced as Dinky Toys.

Bedford Truck Meccano FactoryThe colours of Meccano, at time the plans were published were mid red and green but I often thought it would look attractive in yellow and zinc so that is what I have used to build the model and is very appropriate IMO as they are similar to the colours of the Meccano vehicle its self. I have not strayed far from the original except for the use of narrow strips and plastic flexible plates for the tank body and a slightly different method of construction. I have also added a few parts to enhance the model's appearance such as the wing lights shown on the Bedford prototype. Purists will note the non Meccano parts used for the radiator grill. These are from the "Constructo" system, originally made in East Germany.

Dinky Super toy bedford Pallet Jekta Van

Dinky Supertoys Bedford Pallet Jekta Van issued January 1960 See Meccano Bedford Pallet-Jekta Van

Dublo Dinky Bedford

Dublo Dinky Toy issued June 1959

The plans for the Articulated Tank Lorry were also published as "Camion Citerne" in the French Meccano Magazine of September 1959. The instructions were spread over four pages with detailed building instructions with twelve illustrations including those of sub assemblies. Although it is the same model you can see that it has been put together slightly differently and somehow the picture lacks the appeal of the original 1955 version. Having said that, it proved quite impossible when I was building it to recreate exactly the chubby shape of the bonnet on the 1955 picture.

The French model would have been in blue and gold with cream and green front wheels. Interestingly no mention was made that it could be built with the parts in the Number 8 set nor were shown a list of the parts required. Sadly the month following the publication of the "Camion Citerne" publication of the french Meccano Magazine ceased.

French MeccanoMagazine pictures courtesy of Rémi's Meccano Pages

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