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1952 Road sweeper02

Road Sweeper 03

1952 versionThis model is closely based on a model of a Road Sweeping Vehicle published in the May 1952 edition of the Meccano Magazine. A picture from the Meccano magazine instructions is shown on the left. The model was deigned to be built with the contemporary red and green number eight set . I have built it using the 1978 dark blue and yellow colours the number eight set was never produced using these colours. 1978 saw the introduction of a completely different range of sets of what was to be one of the shortest lived range of sets and colours, as the Liverpool factory closed in 1979.

My model was originally built as the version described in the 1954 7/8 set manual and before taking it apart I thought how nice it would be to re-build the model as an approximation of the earlier 1952 version. The earlier 1952 model in fact has the same chassis (but without the projecting bonnet), steering, leaf springs,worm reduction drive, a motor driven rotating brush ( well two cylinders) that can be lowered, raised and be disconnected from the drive by levers in the cab. I used the tank from the 1954 version which is slightly longer than shown on the original shown above. For the construction of the tank which is shown on the left, I used plastic flexible plates and therefore needed bracing with 15 hole strips and 5 hole double angle strips to give strength.

The model is driven by the Meccano E20R electric motor as in the 1952 instructions. I have though gone beyond the scope of the original instructions and added refinements and constructional changes but kept, I hope all the charm and character of the original. IMO it is a lot more attractive, with its rugged chunky looks than the later version published in 1954. The cab and chassis I think lend itself to further development perhaps as a haulage vehicle, watch this space as they say! Click on the picture tbelow to see the Ballast Tractor adapted from this Road Sweeper model.






More pictures of the two Road Sweepers in larger sizes can be see in

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