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Dinky Toys Market Gradeners VanThis model 6.3 Market Gardener's van is from the 1937 Number 6 instruction manual and was also shown in the post war manual. This is another attractive and nostalgic model in the blue and gold colour scheme.

The model was probably inspired by the Dinky Toys Market Gardener's Van shown below right, this is a toy of mine and is the late post war version with restyled front mudguards(wings) the pre-war version had open mudguards not unlike the Meccano version. The vehicle is more akin to a nineteen thirties American "Stake" truck rather than a British prototype.

The model I built originally followed closely to the 1937 instructions with just a few few changes. One small cheat was to use modern narrow angle brackets to support the roof made from a hinged plate. Normal sized angle brackets will not align because of the hinge. I later modified the model to improve its appearance by adding a petrol tankDinky Market Gardeners van, rear mudguards, adding edging parts to the roof edges and the inside of the front mudguards. the original version is shown on the right.

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