This model is built from instructions in the 1930 4 -7 manual built using contemporary parts. This is a very simple model that utilises part 19a the thee inch spoked wheel at that time included in outfit 5. There are several other models in the manual that used those parts mainly agricultural and military. The part was originally introduced in 1915 but without a fixing boss, in 1920 the boss was fitted. The parts were included in the number 4 outfit from around 1916 but later only in outfits 5 and up. The part remained in larger sets until 1937 when the sets were re-numbered. The part however continued in production  until 1978 when the dark blue and yellow sets came out I would imagine Meccano thought it by then rather old fashioned. At the time Meccano enthusiasts were sorry to see this old part removed from the catalogue but no doubt there was little demand. The model was built from my 1930 number 7 outfit so I took advantage of this and used some extra parts not included in the number 5 outfit to build the model but still retaining its nostalgic appearance. Pictures below: 1930 manual cover and the model page. Page created April 09 2018