This model of a Steam Winch is from the 1929 4 -7 instruction manual. I built it to give a trial run, under load of a restored 4 volt long side plate motor manufactured 1927/28. This was one of several motors that came with my 1930 red and green outfit 7  including two dark red 4 volt, electric motors. I thought they were both dead but after advice from Meccano and Hornby motor Guru Geoff Brown who told me how to get them going. After some simple servicing work and oiling of the armature shaft the first one I worked on burst into life with a nice hum and the smell of ozone!  Although rated at 4 volts AC these motors are pretty universal and robust, I am using a DC bench controller set between 6-10 volts. Around 1929 they became available in 6 volts and for a short time the Meccano Company offered to upgrade the 4 volt motors to 6 volts for a small charge.  As for the Steam Winch itself the model is built using the No.4 outfit, it is simple, runs perfectly and is built using contemporary parts. Of interest is the boiler p/n162 introduced in late 1927 and advertised in the January 1928 Meccano Magazine as an "Important Meccano Addition" this is in the original colour of Battleship Grey, note it has no perforations in the end sides. This model is one of very few in the manual using the boiler although when re-issued in 1930 there were many more.
Above is the model from the motor end. Shown right are the instructions from the 1930 manual. A short video of the model in action can be seen by clicking on the You Tube logo Page created November 12 2019