This is a model of a Planing Machine, a type of machine tool, from the pre-war Super Model Leaflet 17. I built it after constructing my previous model of a vertical milling machine. This model can hardly be described as a "super model" non the less its nice looking and works very well and with considerable gusto. The machine has a vertically adjustable tool slide operated by a rack and pinion and screw operated transverse operation of the tool head. The table has a very effective quick return mechanism. I built the model from zinc/yellow blue parts from 1973. It is powered by a 12 volt non Meccano electric motor. A few changes were made from the instructions, one important change was adding a compression spring to the vertical adjustment preventing it crashing down onto the table. Although published as a Super Model leaflet in 1928 the instructions go back almost unchanged from the 1921 Meccano manual. The model was last shown in the 1935 "L" manual in the blue and gold period. This is surprising as the model really needs the original part 53 flanged plate with open ends, discontinued in 1927. The SML instructions suggest the new style p/n 52 with closed ends can be used if you prefer.  I found it a tight fit on the girders but careful selection of the flange plate would overcome this. The instructions make no mention that the model could be diven by an electric or clockwork motor although a built up pulley is shown. Without a handle or motor the model would be rather boring The line illustration above is from the 1921 manual and shows the use of the eye piece without boss. Left is SML 17 front page. A video of the model can be seen by clicking on the logo below
Page created February 06 2020