This is a display of Meccano models I staged at the Museum of Power Transport Fest in July 2021. This was first time I had put on a display of models in over eighteen months due to Covid-19 restrictions as a result I had several new models to show. Unfortunately it was also one of the hottest days of the year in Essex with temperatures in the lower 30's although we still had a fair amount of visitors. However as the afternoon progressed many of the outside exhibitors and visitors decided it was just too hot and the organisers decided to finish earlier. We were pleased about this because as the sun moved round it shone directly on to the metal door behind us, this soon turned into a very hot radiator.  I was very pleased with my display and I thought it was one of my best. All of the models shown have their own pages on this website. Click on the images to bring up a larger picture. Page created November 30 2021 Revised September 05 2022
There is a video available on my YouTube channel showing the whole display and the models operating