1940's American Station Wagon
The model Estate Car is based on one published in the 1954 No.5 Meccano manual, which is in turn based on the Dinky Toys Estate Car introduced in 1950. In 1954 this had (Plymouth) added to the box giving its identity. Picture below is taken from the March 1950 Meccano Magazine. I did some research and found pictures of Station Wagons from the nineteen forties and used an amalgam of ideas to help me improve the model. Its been some time since I built a model using the 1978/79 yellow and dark blue having built several models from the 1954 series of manuals in the past I thought this an ideal contender for a new build. I intended right from the start of construction to use the manual instructions just as a basis for my model and as it progressed I made more and more changes. Like the original instructions it has no drive or steering but I have added a floor and seats these are made from dull early fifties red plates, I thought this could be thought of as red leather! I used second quality yellow plates for the curved areas of the car. I was a little disappointed with the rear wings as they ended up rather square looking but building at this size its difficult working within the limitations of standard Meccano parts to get curves. I did cheat though and made four parts from cut down  flexible plates to make four 4 x 2 hole plates used on the wings. I have not used any plastic plates much preferring to to pre-shape the metal ones before assembly. I was rather pleased with the overall look of the model. Created April 14 2019 Revised July 07 2021
Rear view 1940's American Station Wagon  American 1940's Station Wagon Rear view
The 1950 Dinky Toys Estate car that inspired the Meccano model