In November 1934 Meccano made a radical change from the popular dark red and green colours and announced in the Meccano Magazine "Boys! Here's good News!" the NEW Meccano, new colours, parts and manuals. Many at the time were not too pleased with this news! Now eighty five years later the colours certainly for me have a nostalgic charm. This Paddle Steamer is another in my series of blue gold models this an early one from the 1934 A to E instruction manual. The model could be built with set “C” and was intended to be driven along by a magic motor although it had no other wheels other than the 3" pulleys, I added two pairs of 1" pulleys with tyres. This could not been done within the set contents. I fitted two ships funnels p/n 138 instead of the rolled plates, the funnels were available in 1934 but not in any sets. It was an opportunity for me to use these 1950's parts that I have owned for many years but never used before.  Paddle steamers such as this would have been a very familiar sight to any child during the 1930's on their summer holidays at the seaside. Picture on the right is a postcard of “Princess of Wales” at Chatham early 20th century that was sent to my Grandma. Page created 11/12/2019 Revised 29/06/2020