Machine tools have always been popular subjects for Meccano and many models have been published over the years. This attractive model of a Vertical Milling Machine "the Model of the Month" was published in the March 1957 Meccano Magazine.  (picture above)This series of models is one of my favourite features in THE Meccano magazines from the mid to late 1950's, there were some fine models some of which I have also built. Brief instructions and photographs were published in the magazine, more detailed, duplicated typed instructions and a parts list could be obtained free of charge by writing to Meccano Ltd at Binns Road Liverpool. The full series are available from MW Models.  I built this with little used original parts from my mid-1950’s Number 10 Outfit and used a E20R electric motor from that same period. I made few changes from that  shown in the pictures and written instructions, unfortunately the photographs are very small and lack clarity the written instructions are not very good either. A few constructional changes I found were were necessary as I proceeded but keeping the model as close as possible to the original even using my Meccano "bet noir" sprocket chain. Alas this just would not work, being horizontal and running at high speed made it all very difficult. I gave up with this and used a rubber drive belt with a cone pulley on the motor shaft and 1.5" pulley on the milling shaft the cone pulley was used to get the right tension on the belt. I was worried the belt might slip when the tool (a twist drill) hit the wooden block to be machined but no it works with the direct belt drive from the E20R motor running on 20 volts AC. Had I wanted to make it more powerful I could have chosen a modern 12 volt industrial motor but then it would not have been as the 1957 original. Care was needed in making the three movements, left/right,forward/backward and up/down as these are made from pairs of girders spaced apart by their slots running on rods and running on a third girder by careful spacing friction was avoided and the weight is taken by the rods. For the left and right movement of the work table I used 4mm carbon fibre rods, these offered both straightness and smooth running for the table, the 11.5" Meccano rods caused some jamming. I was  pleased with my Vertical Milling Machine the red, green and brass looks just right for this. Page created January 17 2020 Revised 18/01/2020
Click on the link below for a short video of the model in action.