This is the latest in my series of models that I have been building using the pre-war Meccano outfits and the instructions produced from 1934- 1941, The model depicts a Block-Setting Crane published in the 1937-1941 Number 5 instruction manual. It was quiet an ambitious model for the Number 5 outfit, although a lot of the bracing was formed by using Meccano cord. I have used a few extra parts in the tower to make it more ridgid and reduce the use of cord. However far beyond the scope of the set I used a built up roller bearing from two 3" pulleys, a wheel flange and ball bearings. I did try adding some additional strips to the boom but the nuts and bolts prevented the movement of the hoisting trolley! Ever since the original plans of the Giant Block- Settting crane were published in the 1920's there have been lots of smaller Block-Setters shown in set manuals from set 3 upwards. This particular model was continued long after the war between 1945- 1953 and a revised, improved version was published in the 1954 No.5 manual.
Another model of mine very similar to the original Meccano Block-Setting Crane click image below.
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The original No,5 instruction manual instructions from 1937-1941.