1911 Travelling Gantry Crane 1911 Travelling Gantry Crane
Model No.118 Travelling Gantry is to be found in the 1911- 1915 Meccano Manual and can be built with outfit No. 5. I used my 1911 number 4 Outfit plus extra contemporary parts that came with the set when it was given to me a few years back. I rather liked the introduction to the instructions. "A most interesting model to the student of mechanics. If carefully constructed, the mechanism will be found to work with the utmost precision and smoothness, and much instruction can be gained by a study of the parts." Indeed it was instructive and the model worked!  I used only parts from the 1911 set with the exception of Meccano string of an unknown date, 1950's spring clips, I did not have enough of the original narrow type plus a few 1950's nuts and bolts. The model first appeared in 1909 in a simpler form without the use of p/n 53 flanged plates, not introduced until 1911.  A 1910 edition of the manual has the model illustrated with sepia photographs of the earlier model. The manual that I followed for the construction was completely re-designed for 1911 with all the illustrations produced as beautiful black and white line engravings. The engravings however caused a few problems, as the parts shown did not always fit as illustrated a not uncommon problem over the years. One thing I changed was not to use the curved 25 hole and 11 hole strips to brace the gantry instead I used strips, I had plenty to spare. The crane has three crank handles to operate the functions; (1) operates movement via a worm, (2) operates the hoist, (3) the trolley.  One curiosity is the need for a gear box, described as a clutch that slides (5) a gear wheel, between two pinions, this has no function in the operation of the model. It does though add some extra technical fun having gears, this would of course be useful if the model had a motor. Note the early type of pawl (4). One aspect not mentioned that confused me was the need to bend strips to form part of the clutch and pulley block. In the assembly of corners the much longer bolts will not all fit facing in, one has to have the nut outside this was not always shown in the engraving either. Interestingly the parts in 1911 were of  heaver gauge and a grade of harder steel. The model was deleted from the 1916 manual publication probably because of the increase in the range of parts then available. This type of crane has remained popular from the earliest manuals right up until the present day. Page created April 09 2021 Revised August 03 2021
1910 manual Travelling Gantry Crane 1911 Travelling Gantry page from manual close up gear box 1911 Travelling Gantry Crane
The original plans as shown in the 1911 -1915 Meccano Manual
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