Recently I was having a tidy up in my Meccano room and I came across a wooden box of light red and green Meccano dating from 1958 1960, I knew it was there but it had been rather forgotten. It was a set 4 Electrikit (most of the electrical parts were missing) given to me by a neighbour over twenty years ago. I had only ever made one other model from the set this was a Tricycle Delivery Van. At some time I had put other light red and green parts in the box so had more parts than the original set. I had an exhibition coming up and decided on building a windmill, always popular with children from the 1954 No. 6 manual (shown above). I was winging it a bit on the parts so for the round base I had to use darker red plates. I made construction changes and used a fan p/n 157 supported by two light green corner gussets p/n 108 for the fan tail driven by bevel gears. Initially I built it with a battery operated small battery motor but even with several lots of gearing down it ran at an unrealistic speed. I later replaced it with a Meccano Magic Motor as in the original manual instructions, it was still rather fast but great fun winding up the little motor that must be over 60 years old. The end result is a simple and attractive representation of an old windmill that was used for grinding grain into flour. I will keep this model to exhibit again. You can enjoy the fun of this windmill by clicking on the YouTube logo. Page created April 25 2022
The power of the model a diminutive Meccano Magic Motor
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