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I have often considered building this attractive Bulk Liquid Transporter  from the 1954 -1960 Number 5 manual and recently thought I would  give it a go. From the outset I decided to avoid any problems of building it just from the parts contained in the No.5 set although I followed the basic structure. My chosen colour scheme was 1978-79 dark blue and yellow, when the manual was first published the colours were mid red and green, the Road Wheels are French circa 1957.  Construction of the tank was the most fiddly part of the build, the top of tank shows the use of 25 hole strips for the top of the tank was not explained, a pair of girders was clearly needed unfortunately the No.5 set had only four but no problem if you are not confined to the set contents. The instructions for the steering were beyond me to understand how on earth it could work so I never completed that part of the model as I felt  complete re-design was needed. Despite the few problems it turned out to be an attractive and pleasing build in dark blue and yellow. The Meccano model is based on an early 1950's Dinky Toys AEC Tanker, itself based on an AEC Monarch cab/chassis with a Thompson tank. I would like to thank previous builders Mick Burgess & Bob Watson, who provided me with advice and reference. Picture credits: Dinky Toys courtesy of Vectis Auctions. Thompson Brothers tanker courtesy Graces Guide.
TB Bulk Liquid Transporter
First published November 08 2023 Revised 05/03/2024
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