The instructions for this Steam Shovel were first published in 1925 and subsequently as a Super model SML19 in 1928. It was last included in the L instruction manual 1937. It is another iconic historic model and often featured in Meccano advertising with a proud young lad. In 1937-38 a revised version featured on the French Meccano products catalogue. In the main I followed the pictures and instructions in the Super Model Leaflet (shown above).  My model is built using mid-nineteen fifties red and green parts. I used the digger bucket p/n 169 instead of the built up bucket. My model is driven by a 1930's 20 volt E20a motor this powerfully runs the model driving all the functions, travel. slewing, hoist and bucket arm the latter are belt driven instead of the sprocket and chain drive in the instructions. These are engaged using sliding gears one set operates travel or slewing the other hoist and bucket arm. (shown on the right) The lay shafts need to be moved just a few millimetres to engage. On the front two shafts I found by using rubber push on bosses made the gear lever operation tighter and prevented any slippage. The same was done on the hand operated lowering and lifting of the bucket. The most surprising thing was how effective the band brakes are. Operating the model  is not so easy as we have forward and reverse on the motor, two gear changes one for rotation or travel, other for jib luffing or the bucket plus the brakes which need to be eased off when the drives are running. I don't much fancy doing this with an audience.....I know why I prefer cranes with several motors! The French cover  inspired me to use a curved roof this is removable to facilitate easy access to the controls. A later revised leaflet suggested the builder might like to use the new new digger bucket and thrust bearing  instead of the large bearing shown on the model. This was probably in part due to the 7" circular strip p/n 145 being discontinued and replaced with one of 7.5 " . Another part required was two of the older cranks with large circular area surrounding the boss, which were deleted around 1925 but still shown in the leaflet. The bevel gears used are also of the earlier type with a different angle on the teeth and slightly lower in profile.  I found that the newer bevels would not fit under the bearing to drive the flanged wheels but fortunately I have some of these old bevels and the other obsolete parts. In 1929 a much improved Steam Shovel SML 19a were published the model featured new parts, the steam engine, the thrust bearing and the Digger bucket. I built this some years ago and will return to it. The SML 19 was obviously popular as it was reprinted several times. Page created November 19 2018 Revised September 19 2020