This attractive model of a sports car built with 1970's zinc and yellow parts is one of a series of instructions issued between 1960 and 1962. They marked a departure in style for instruction manuals instead of showing photographs of the completed models these instructions showed exploded view line drawings with the part numbers shown in red beside the relevant parts.  There was also very retouched photograph of the finished model, this all removed the need for any written instructions. From 1962 - 63  all the manuals were changed to this style with mainly new or updated models. The model sheets were sent to Meccano Guild members who subscribed to receive them, I imagine from seeing a notification Meccano Magazine. The sports car is I think is one of the best in the series, many others being very simple and for the smaller sets, no set was specified for this model although looking at the parts it could well be a No.6. The model is straightforward to build, I made some changes but the biggest problem was the front wheel arches the plastic road wheels are bigger than the wheel arch! I wondered if the model had been designed with tin road wheels as it was around this time they were updated and the old type actually fit. I over come the clearance by adding more washers under the steering and used thin narrow curved strips, non Meccano parts given to my by a fellow enthusiast some years ago. I am indebted to Mick Burgess who made the scans from his own collection and shown them on the NZ website. Page created November 26 2019