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The model shown here of a Steam Wagon is based on instructions from Meccano outfit "F" and is evolved from the No.3 model from 1928 that I have also recently constructed. In 1934 there was  dramatic change in the Meccano system, out went the red and green range of parts, 1926-1934. In came new flexible and strip plates in dramatic new colours of blue, gold and the range of sets 00-7 were changed to A-L but I and J were not included! The main result of this change was the replacement of  braced girders with the new plates in all of the smaller sets braced girders were only included in sets "G" upwards. More detailed information can be found here. New manuals were published but in many cases the models were the same but with plates replacing the braced girders. The new "F" outfit had more or less the same range of parts as the red and green No.3 except the braced girders were replaced with plates of the same lengths and the introduction of the flimsy tin plate road wheels. The chassis of the wagon is basically the 1928-1934 version but as the instructions shown below its does not have the charm or attractive appearance of that model. I just had to make some changes to improve its appearance using extra parts not included in the "F" outfit.  As I mentioned in the page about the original 1928 model, it was very dated looking but by 1934 even more so.
First Published February 08 2022 Revised 28/02/2022
I have built three other similar steam wagons shown above, click on the word bubble to go the wagon’s own page.